En direct du Japon

L’expo-photo intitulée “Michael Jackson on Stage” organisée au Fujifilm Square de Tokyo [cf. News du 28/06/2020] a désormais ouvert ses portes au public.

Voici un aperçu de cet événement à travers des photos et une vidéo :

Le site de l’éditeur “Crevis” a publié plusieurs visuels des photos contenues dans le livre de 160 pages en lien avec l’expo et qui sera publié le 20 juillet au Japon.

Sources : crevis.co.jp / daydream park records / MICHAELzine

2 thoughts on “En direct du Japon

  1. We don’t have all the info yet to be able to answer you.

    There are European sites that sell books / products imported from Japan, but we don’t know if they will have this book. For now, they don’t list it.
    We can only wait and see. But to our knowledge as of today, it is not listed by European websites.

    The MJFrance website has indicated that the book is available for order on HMV Japan.

    From our point of view, if you choose the English version of the site, you can register and order.

    In recent years, we have already ordered from this site and have received the products.

    Here, the price is equivalent to yen equivalent to around € 17. To which must be added the shipping costs.

    And very often when you receive the package from Japan there is a tax to pay.

    If you order a single copy of the book, the price will remain bearable.

    If you order several, the invoice with taxes and shipping costs will very quickly increase.

    The most reliable solution would be to order a single copy via the English version of the Japanese HMV site.

    There is always the possibility to wait to find it on ebay (but it will often be an auction and the price can very quickly increase if the demand is strong) or to wait until import or fan sites propose.
    But for now, there is no certainty on who will sell, at what price and how much.


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