MICHAELzine, the first French digital fanzine dedicated to Michael Jackson ----- Choose your language FR GB


MICHAELzine, created in 2010, is the first French digital fanzine dedicated to Michael Jackson. This fanzine is free and could be easily uploaded in Acrobat Reader format.
MICHAELzine is not affiliated to any official organisation in charge of Michael Jackson’s copyright. It’s a magazine made by MJ fans and for MJ fans.

Our team proposes printed versions of its issues in a limited number of copies.

MICHAELzine develops a new different approach in order to ensure its pioneering concept which relies on the following principles:

  • free access to the magazine
  • digital format. You can read it via your PC/laptop computer or via Touch Pad. The fanzine is interactive and contains various links to other websites, audio or video files on the Web.

  • Original layout designed since 2010 is different from the other MJ fanzines: we use different type of pictures, different centring, different bill of fount, the famous double presentation page with a small introduction text, our editorial is written by a MJ world personality (since October 2014) etc.


    Our editorial staff has also designed another free edition: « Men in Black ». This “MICHAElzine page” has innovated since 2012, by proposing new contents, new layout (old newspaper style, “old typewriter” style bill of fount etc.


  • Copyright respect: unlike many English speaking fanzines, MICHAElzine pays for the pictures copyrights used in every issue. As for some pictures used in a digital version under “Creative Commons” licence, we generally replace them by copyright pictures for the printed versions.
  • Printed version : Since 2014, we propose printed versions of some MICHAElzine issues. These issues are distributed during the competitions.
    Since now, we will be able to propose a printed version (not free) as a complement to the free digital version.


  • Independence : We don’t serve the interests of Michael Jackson Estate, neither Sony recording company or groups of fans. We develop a critical and fairly reasoned opinion of our own.
  • Contributions and involvement : our readers can be involved in editorial job by proposing their own articles (and get a free printed version of 1 MICHAElzine issue!). Their texts will be examined and approved by our editorial staff