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The Team


  • P. Cornella : graphic designer, the creator of the initial model of Michaelzine in 2009, he is also the creator of the logo of “Men In Black” (2012). Philippe keeps providing his advice on technical aspect and the evolution of the concept.


  • Lidiia Mallet : translator. Since 2010, Lidiia has translated the most of the texts for the interviews with the English speaking persons and the English version of our website michaelzine.com.


  • BIGBROTHER : MJLegend website editing staff member and creator of “MICHAELzine”. Seb. is a chief editor of “MICHAELzine” and he is in charge of the layout, the illustrations and the shooting.
    Author of the articles for different columns of our magazine (« Actu »/ « Charts » / « MoonTalk » / « Tracks » / « Revue de DVD » / « TV News » / « Revue de Livres » / « Les trésors du Web » …)
    He is also the creator of “Men In Black” model and a columnist.


  • M. Chigan : creator and webmaster of MJLegend.com website.
    He is a president of “Music First” association, creator of “Salut les Fans!” videoclip podcast and a columnist. He is the author of the articles for different columns of our magazine (« MoonTalk » / « Revue de DVD » / « Revue de Livres » …).
    Davy also suggests some ideas for our magazine’s editions.


  • Spleen : Columnist. JG is the author of the articles for different columns of our magazine (“MoonTalk” / “Tracks” / “Revue de DVD” / “Revue de Livres”…). It’s him who put forward of “Men In Black” concept – “La feuille de MICHAELzine”. He takes part in topic choice for each MICHAELzine edition and his ideas enrich our reflexions on “MICHAELzine” concept evolution.


  • Diana D’Herty : Columniste, the author of the following articles : « MJ face à Newton et Galilée » / « Pop-Thérapie » / « Egypte Connection » / « Space Brother » …


  • Iceman : Pierre-Charles is the webmaster of 2000watts.free.fr and he is in charge of “After Pop” column of “Michaelzine”. He wrote many articles for “Tracks”, “Revue de Mixtapes” and for “Men in Black” fanzine.


Occasional contributors :

  • Franck Vidiella : he is a writer and the author of the following books: « Michael Jackson, The Diary of a Fan » (2010); « Michael Jackson : Exceptional artist or Genius ? » (2011).
    Frank wrote the article called “Lost in Tokyo[MICHAELzine #3 (2010)] and interviewed Onésimo Colavidas, the Artist – Painter [MICHAELzine #4 (2011)].
  • Lil’ Michaelette : she is a blogger and the author of “Thriller aLive” article on “Thriller Live”, the show of Adrien Grant in London.
  • Soph : she is a blogger and the author of “Le combat des Fans” article. This article calls the fans for the general mobilisation in order to protect Michael’s honour while the mass media were slandering his memory.
  • Mark-O : he is a fan who wrote the article called « 14 ans après… ». The article is about his experience of the concert History Tour in Lyon (France) and “Behind the Mask” clip.
  • Noémie : she is a young French top model, she took part in the first shootings of MICHAELzine : « Beat it » , « Unstoppable ».