MICHAELzine, the first French digital fanzine dedicated to Michael Jackson ----- Choose your language FR GB


« The universe inspired by Michael Jackson » . This is our slogan. We describe the way how Michael Jackson’s personality has affected the lives and personal development of people.
Our shootings show out that every fan shares a part of MJ personality which inspires him every day, but each fan preserves its own personality. Every person has its own universe and this constitutes our value.
I would precise that we never practice a commercial advertisement. MICHAELzine has no shop selling any items and is not affiliated to any trademark. We are only looking for esthetical issues.


01 Our approach :

Our shootings are prepared beforehand. We first share the information with the model, for example we provide some mood boards which explain the themes.

The eventual exterior shooting spots are defined and analysed a few weeks before the shooting date.
We prefer the natural daylight if it’s possible.


01 Picture touching up :

Our team has opted for preserving the maximal natural aspect in the pictures published in our fanzine.
Why do we prefer this? – Because we focus our efforts on the model, we respect her personality. We never touch up neither the skin aspects, nor physical features or the colour of the eyes.
We have chosen the model because of her photogenic character and for the image that she brings up to the camera.
We don’t want the artificial faces, we would like to bring up the real instant.

We don’t add the artificial lights as many do using special programs such as Lightroom. We try to find the light of the shooting moment.

So finally the touching up consists of contrast and colours adjusting and on a minimal skin retouch.


01 Pictures publishing :

The pictures taken during the shootings may be published in digital and printed versions of MICHAELzine and on michaelzine.com website.