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MICHAELzine_shootings_Noemie_RenardTo go from the idea of the project to its accomplishment, there is a long way to do. It is necessary to split up the project into different stages in order to reach the final result successfully. That’s what we did for this first shooting.

We first defined the general ideas of the concept and we then chose the model. We analysed the photos and we chose Noémie Renard as she fitted our criteria and her pictures brought out something more than those of the other models of her age.

MICHAELzine attaches a great importance to conserving of the spirit of its projects. We were looking for a person who would be able to understand the sense of the shooting and the identity of our fanzine.
So our first appointment was devoted to this presentation and we also wanted to see the model without photo filters and to feel what she brings out: her charisma, her personality and her face.

Before taking pictures of the model, it is necessary to take one’s time and to get conscious about the real characteristics of the model and of the environment: the effect of the light on her face, her strong points, the clothes which fit her more etc.

After our first conversation in June 2014, we fixed an appointment for the beginning of July in order to sum up the shooting project (photo equipment provided for this shooting, clothes and accessories, the objective and the spirit of the project etc.)

The shooting was fixed for July 10, 2014. As for the pictures in exterior environment, we decided to do them early in the morning. This period provides a daylight which is soft and not too bright.

The SLR digital camera was equipped with Minolta AF75-300mm objective. This objective is our favourite one for exterior shooting to get some effects and a particular picture style. We are going to talk about this choice (which may seem surprising) in the next article.

MICHAELzine_shootings_03We of course defined the place of the shooting a few weeks before. So the day of the shooting we knew exactly where we should place the model to get the effects we wanted. The pictures published in MICHAELzine #6 on « Beat It » song with the luminous background of the stone staircase steps in a spacious building were considered as the ideas to accomplish.
Actually, we just needed to position the model on the right spot, to get the right light on the background and to adjust the soft focus background.

One should notice that even if we work out many aspects before the shooting, it’s due to the model that we can get the result.
Noémie has a capacity to be natural and spontaneous for the camera and she is amazingly photogenic.

MICHAELzine_shootings_sequins_jacket_Noemie_Renard_03The readers can only see the final result and might think that it’s easy to take this kind of pictures. Actually, it’s not as easy as one can think. There is a lot of work to do before the shooting.

After the exterior shooting, we took many pictures in the interior environment on different MJ themes. For example, one of the themes was MJ famous sequin-glittered jacket (see the picture) , another one on “Unstoppable” developed by L.A. GEAR Company who had a commercial partnership with Michael Jackson in 1990.


For MICHAELzine #6, we decided to focus the Shooting column on 2 themes : « Beat It » and « Unstoppable »

MICHAELzine_shootings_Noemie_Renard_LA Gear_MJ_Tribute_

[See above a nice encouraging message of L.A. GEAR Company sent via Facebook after “Unstoppable” picture publishing]

The enthusiastic feedback of the pictures published in Michaelzine #6 in October 2014 confirmed that our team made the right choice by suggesting the shooting to render our magazine outstanding among numerous MJ fanzines.

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